Dustfree vacuum blasting systems

- ATEX certified (zone 1)
- No clean-up or sheeting
​- Typically 75% reduced waste​
- No damage to surrounding equipment
​- Perfect for spot repairs, welding seams, flanges and rope access

COST reduction

Our customers reduce their project costs significantly due to high quality spot blasting, no dust or spill and safe execution.


- No flying grit or dust reduces, and often eliminates, the need for barriers, scaffolding, sheeting and clean-up
- Extended lifespan on spot repairs (same as open blasting, 15-20 years)
- Other work disciplines are not affected and can work side by side with PINOVO® enclosed blasting tools
- Recycling the blast media gives significantly reduced blast media consumption and typically 75% reduced waste
 -No damage to surrounding equipment
 -Low noise and no vibration on the tools means no work restrictions for time on tool and less personnel needed
Pinovo vacuum blasting vs open blasting
Remove additional costs associated with conventional surface preparation, and spend your money on the actual job that needs to be done - the blasting. (click to zoom)


Use of Pinovo equipment reduces the risk of eye injuries, hand-arm vibration syndrome and hearing loss among surface treatment operators. The technology also eliminates the risk of pollution to the air and surroundings, which means that other work disciplines can continue their work side by side to the Pinovo blasting.


- No pollution of nearby environment
Low noise reduces the risk of hearing impairment
No flying grit or dust reduces the risk of eye injuries
Optional use of HEPA-filters for blasting on hazardous coating/material
- No vibrations in tools eliminates the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome
- Lesser and more comfortable personal protective equipment
ATEX certified​ and can be used in explosive areas
- Integrated waste management system
- Low weight and ergonomic design
- Reduced carbon footprint
- No gas emissions
Vacuum blasting of pipes with PiBlast
A painter works side by side with PiBlast, our automatic pipe vacuum blasting tool, and paints the pipe directly after blasting. (Click to enlarge picture)


Pinovo vacuum blasting provides a clean operation with the same surface purity and roughness as open blasting. This ensures a permanent repair with the same lifespan as the original coating.


- The PINOVO® tools leave a clean and dry surface (Sa 2½-3, from sweep blast to 120 µm), ready to be coated immediately after blasting
Feathered edges ensures a perfect transition between old and new coating system when blasting spots
​- Even suitable for metallization
Spot repair with Pinovo vacuum blasting
True quality lies in the details. Feathered edges provides a perfect, smooth transition from blasted area to existing intact coating. This is crucial to ensure a permanent repair. (Click to enlarge picture)
Dustless spot blasting with Pinovo
Five layers of coating on a test plate used to ensure that all our tools always make perfect, smooth transitions between blasted area and existing, intact coating. (Click to enlarge picture)